Garage Sales


Things You'll Need:

  • - New, jumbo " wide black permanent marker
  • - neon-colored posterboard
  • - staple gun
  • - balloons

1.) Compose your yard sale media ad which you'll place in local newspapers and web sites. Include the name of your town, the date and hours of your yard sale and a brief description of your inventory. Be sure to include the words "multi-family," "community," or "neighborhood" if it any apply to your yard sale. If you have any high demand or higher priced items such as lawn tractor in good working condition or lawn furniture, mention them in your ad. If you are moving then by all means call it a moving sale. These words are a great draw! Including a rain date is always a good idea. For safety, give only the closest major intersection and say follow signs. And, do NOT put your telephone number in the ad. Consider stating whether you accept early birds or not. If you say "no early birds" then you will only get a few. If you don't mention anything regarding early birds you will get a lot of them! Here's an example of a good yard sale ad:
TORONTO COMMUNITY YARD SALE! 3/21 8am-5pm, antiques, furniture, sports cards, tools, lawn tractor, household, kids' stuff, women's plus size clothes, LOTS more! Something for everyone!

2.) Place your ads in available media.
Use as many different avenues as you can for advertising your yard sale. You want everybody to know about it! You can place ads for your sale in community newspapers. Check to see if any of your local newspapers or thrifty papers have free garage sale ads. Place ads on garage sale web sites and Craigslist. Do you belong to any yahoogroups or other loops that are local? If you have a box labeled "free stuff", you can advertise on freecycle. Laundromats, grocery stores, post offices, public bulletin boards, etc. are good for placing flyers.
Thursday is the best day to post your ad for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday garage sale or the previous weekend for upcoming weekend sale.

3.) Make eye-catching signs.
Your signs are one of the most important tools for drawing customers to your sale. About half of all of our customers come to our yard sales because of our signs. Make as many signs as possible. And design them carefully. They should be sturdy so they can hold up even in windy conditions. Yellow poster board of at least 18" X 24" is proven to be the most effective color for signs - eye-catching, cheery, unusual. Make them all identical except for the arrows. That way people will know it's your garage sale and know which signs to follow. Use a new, jumbo, black marker. Black on yellow is what advertising experts recommend for signs. Plan what you will write and how much space each word will take before you begin writing. Write with neat, bold, block letters. Don't just scrawl it. Your words should be at least 3" high and " thick. It is much harder to read print from a moving car than you might think. Always make it easy for your buyer! Also, never assume that your customer knows where your street is. Include the words "yard sale", the date and time of your sale, and an arrow so that customers know which way to turn.

4.) Placing your signs
About four days before your sale place waterproof versions made by covering with overlapping lengths of packing tape at major intersections.
Attach your signs to short stakes or to telephone poles (if allowed). A staple gun works well. Place the signs so that they are perpendicular to the road. This placement will make it easiest for your buyers to read it. Attach a balloon to each sign and post them at every significant intersection from the main drag to your place. If your customers will be driving on a high-speed road, place a sign a half-mile or so *before* the turn-off indicating the turn is coming up. If you live on a side street, put up signs leading your customers to your sale. Place every half mile or less. Place a bigger sign at your house, same color and same balloons. You really can't put up too many signs.

Keep track of where you've put them so that it's easy to go back and pick them up after your sale is over.

Places to post your garage sale or find garage sales in Toronto


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